Permissioned for Spirits or Ghost

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • candles(or fake flowers NO REAL)
  • Fake flowers(or candles lit)
  • The possessed thing or person
  • Bible(if needed)

You may try this but be careful it MIGHT NOT WORK but if it does I warned not give a spirit or ghost permission to go into something or someone it has to be nice and don't let it possess in someone's body that can go wrong I don't want anyone or anything GETTING HURT if that happens close your eyes and say ''FROM THE NAME OF GOD I CONDEMN YOU BACK TO HELL'' and when you do that have candels or fake flowers all surounding you but make sure the light is on and all doors and windows are shut and if a thing or person is still in possession read the bible to get a dark spirit out

Casting Instructions for 'Permissioned for Spirits or Ghost'

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Ok sit down and criss cross close ur eyes and say this If their are any good ghosts or spirtes you may come in this thing or ......not anyone though if you posses into a person i am reading the bible and condemning you back to hell and back to satin where you belong and no SECOND CHANCES tell the spirtit or ghost what to go into be specific.

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