Dragon human spell/ritual

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Ashes
  • Dragon related item
  • Blood
  • Candles if you want
  • Chalk
  • And the knowledge how to draw a circle

This spell will make you a guardian of a human/dragon my there probably going to be the same age as you I really have no idea

Casting Instructions for 'Dragon human spell/ritual'

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First you draw a circle with the chalk then pour the ashes in the center making sure none fall out of the circle. Then you drop the dragon item or items into the ashes then cut the palm of you're hand (vampires and other human dragon people can't do this spell) and let a few drops fall the say I wish to break the laws of man and beast! I wish to create a creature that is Human and dragon! That walk and acts human but is truly a mighty dragon with wings that flap harder than the wind, breath hotter than fire, scales harder than stone, and eyes clearer than water. I swear to guard him/her from any danger and from those who wish harm upon him/her to my dying breath.

This spell HASN'T been tested yet so this could back fire or not work at all if anyone tries this please tell me if this works.
And yes you can be more than friends with this person and do more

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