servent spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • a pic or drawing of your servent/ friend
  • a small discription of your servent
  • (personality,traits,atitude)
  • beleaf in magic

a spell to conjer up a friend or a servent

Casting Instructions for 'servent spell'

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I can not stress this enough read evry thing on this page befor casiting the spell!

go to a pace that is yours and yours alone like your room place the pic or drawing of your servent/friend some ware and say
"gods I ask you bring this servent/friend to lifelet its/her/his name be (insert name hear) bring my servent to life may she be invisable/visable to the naked eye so mote it be!

note: I know there is miss spelling I'm Irish and use a difrint leter system the english so sorry. also let me know if it worked or not and it's probobly a good idea to use a spell that increases your power.

caring for your servent/friend
these servents need sleep and food just like evry one else they aslo need to do prety musch every thing humans need to do bathe sleep eat all that
try to have a bond with your servent talk once in a wile.
if you chose tha have your servent visable for all to see talk to a room mate about him/her/it and do introductions so he/sh dose not freak out if you live with your parents well first think how badly will they freak out then if you think it's ok introduce your servent to them.
geting rid of your servent all you have to do is make a small doll like this and bern said thing in a fire place or in a pit then your servent will be destroyed.


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