summon a snow storm

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • any small bowl (so the ice doesn't melt every were)
  • a ice cube
  • a happy memory that took place while it was snowing (optional)
  • a wight stone (doesn't matter what kind as long as its a solid color)

depending on the season, how well of a caster you are, and how much energy you use this spell could be a lite snow fall or a full on blizzard. so be carful what you wish for

Casting Instructions for 'summon a snow storm'

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please note: if you are in the middle of a hot summer this will probably not work. it will work best if you do it in either early spring, fall, or winter.
this spell will not create snow but it will increase the chance of snow by about 65%
#1. put the ice cube in the bowl
#2. put the stone in front of the bowl and place your hands on top of it
now, feel the cool energy of the stone, let it remind you of winter. now put your hands on the ice cube, close your eyes and imagine the ice cube being snow, think of a happy memory that happened while it was snowing. then chant this while still thinking of the memory:
*white and gray i call you please,
come bring me a chilly breeze,
with wight flakes of frozen fun,
the sun is not for every one,
let it snow, let it fall, let it bring joy to one and all,
this is my will so mote it be*
chant that at least 7 times. while chanting that visualize snow, think of yourself in the snow, think of it falling, think of how the clouds look, think of the smell, think of how it feels. if you want it to be an actual blizzard not just a light fall imagine a blizzard. you don't need much energy for this but the more you use the heavier the snow fall.
remember spells take time, so give it a day or two, maybe even a weak.
please rate this spell and let me know how it works or if you have any suggestions! ive used it before and it has worked but its deferent for every one. and yes this is my spell.


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