~Attract The Faeries Using A Faerie Ring~

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Salt
  • -7 clovers

This summoning spell should be done at noon or early morn like at 12:00AM when the veil to the Faeries are at it's thin. If you don't have a Faerie ring in your yard I would suggest going into the woods, forest, field of grass, or greenlands Faerie rings appear at places where there are no human activity don't just do the spell when you find the ring ask politely if it's ok to be in their presence and that you mean them no harm. I did this and I saw white whisps flying pass the trees and near me so good luck!

Casting Instructions for '~Attract The Faeries Using A Faerie Ring~'

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Let the clovers dry up until they come hard. Next gather all the clovers and mix the clovers with three spoons of salt mix it until the salt and clovers are combined.

Go to the Faerie ring and ask for permission to be present with them and you mean no harm to them. Go inside of the Faerie ring walk clockwise while sprinkling the salt mixed with the clovers on the Faerie ring.

Now go and whisper:

"Faerie beings I can't see please will you appear to me help me help me if you would my spell is only mean't for good VENIO, ADVOCO, VIDEO.

If you have any trouble with the spell please E-mail me usually people can't pronounce the last three words.

~Blessed Be~ )O(

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