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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • open mind

summon rain in times of droughts. WARNING: only to be used 3 times max in 1 year. possible side-effects- headache, exhaustion. this spell doesnot work immediately, can take days to for depending on how strong your magic is and how well the spell was cast. if cast too well, can cause continuous rain that gradually worsens as weeks draw on. ONLY TO BE CAST IF YOU KNOW THE COUNTER-CURSE/REVERSE SPELL.

Casting Instructions for 'WEATHER:_Rain'

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you can either inside in front of a window or outside in a clearing where you are preferably surrounded by nature. preferably cast at night you can do it during the day also, and if that is so than face the direction of the sun.
kneel/sit facing the moon, or if the moon isn't there, the brightest star. clear your mind and think of nothing than your intentions with this spell. make sure no other stray thoughts cross your mind before taking a deep breadth and raising both your arms to the sky, hands palm faced up. close your eyes and feel the forces around you. feel the magic that runs through you, that binds you to everyone and everything. open your eyes and chant;

Mother Nature now so near
come to us i pray nor fear
help us change the weather now
bring you forth the essential piece
the fantastic rain clouds, ready to drop
nourishment water upon this holy earth

let thy plants have long-last drink
from water delivered would be by clouds
therefore giving life to your animals
all your creations of life
we shall all pray and honor you in our sleep

so do help us please to change the weather
from boiling hot to rainy cool
this shall help not only us
but the earth to live a little longer

so rain clouds thus do form from afar
and relieve us of this most dreaded curse
and if a day of sacrifice were in it be-eth i do.


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