Invocation to Mother Earth/ Goddes/ Gia

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Wand
  • Dagger
  • Cup
  • Pentacle
  • A black cord or ribon(to tie around your waist)
  • A crstal which reprsents you
  • Food and wine for afterwards

This is an invocation to the earth goddess to draw her power into you to charge element weapons, talismans, crystals for use later and personal development.

Casting Instructions for 'Invocation to Mother Earth/ Goddes/ Gia'

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Clense your space as you would usually if inside(even though outside is preferable but alas it can be difficult.)

Stand facing east and say:

I call to the forces of air to watch over my rite and to offer assisstence and protection and to protect me from harm. Hail and welcome

Bow your head and turn to face the south, say again:

I call to the forces of fire to watch over my rite and to offer assisstence and protection and to protect me from harm. Hail and welcome.

Again bow your head and turn to the west repeating:

I call to the forces of water to watch over my rite and to offer assisstence and protection and to protect me from harm. Hail and welcome.

After bow in reverence to the element turn north and say:

I call to the forces of earth to watch over my rite and to offer assisstence and protection and to protect me from harm. Hail and welcome.

Place the elemental wepons in there cardinal points. The wand in the east quarter, the dagger in the south, the cup to the west and finaly pentacle to the north. Above the wand trace the invoking pentagram of earth and say:

I invoke the power of earth, i invoke the power of Gia.

See the pentagram of earth being burned into the air glowing with a pure brillent white. Feel the power in you rise, when you can feel the pentagram there move onto the dagger and repeat. Also repeat this with the cup and the pentacle.

Go to the centre and see the pentagrams flaming and glowing about you. Strech you arms above your head and look to the heavens and in a strong, clear voice with passion say:

I invoke the power of my eternal spirit. Iinvoke the power of Gia.

At this point visualize white beams of light coming from the pentagrams surrounding you and meeting at the crown of your head. Feel the power root you to the earth let it flow throughout your whole being.

After this face the direction of earth, the north, and say again with feeling and heart:

I come here today to celebrate and invoke the power of gia as she is reborn into the maiden. With her she brings new life, love and change. The wheel of the year turns yet again. I invoke you gia.

Turn to the east and pick up your wand. Hold it in front of you and say:

I invoke the airy nature of earth free flowing but still solid and strong. I invoke you Gia.

Again feel your power rise. Place the wand down and turn to the south.

Hold your dagger high and say:

I invoke the firey nature of earth volitie and distructive. I invoke you Gia.

Pace the dagger down and turn west.Hold the cup and say:

I invoke the watery nature of earth, sutble, in movement and of power. I invoke you gia.

Place the cup down and turn to the north.

Pick up your pentacle and say:

I invoke the true nature of earth, solid, dense, grounding, powerfull. I invoke you gia.

Stay facing north go back to the centre and stand beneath the point where the pentacles have met up. Look upards and say:

I invoke the earth aspect of of my sprit. I invoke you gia.

Pick up the crystal and hold it in front of you and say:

This crystal is part of me, it comes from the earth. I invoke you gia.

Repeat the invocaion until you feel an emense force come from beneath you and enter into your being. A feeling of change and manifestation will take over you. DO NOT FIGHT IT. Also gia will give you a word of power which you can use in rites and spells. Once this word is spoken the invocation is over and you shall return to your normal state. Aproach the food and wine and say:

Now to eat and drink in celebration of the Mighty Mother.

Once you have finsihed. Thank the elements and gia and close as usual.

With the power given to you from gia, you may wish to change some into a crsytal, amulate or talismen in honour of her.


This article was contributed by ladyoblivion

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