To Establish A Connection With Someone Over A Distance

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 Blue candle
  • 1 Silver candle
  • ''Come To Me'' incense
  • ''Spirit'' oil
  • Matches/lighter

To establish a connection with someone over a distance. This spell allows the witch to erect a connection with another via signs and ''coincidental'' happenings as form of communication over a distance.

Casting Instructions for 'To Establish A Connection With Someone Over A Distance'

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Light the Silver candle and visualize the vibrant color of this candle molding into a bridge, bridging only the gap of communication between you and the other individual.

Light the Blue candle and visualize the vibrant color of this candle molding and blending into the Silver bridge made by the Silver candles color, strengthening that bridged gap of communication between you and the other individual.

Burn the Come To Me incense and as the smoke whirls up and around, visualize the smoke traveling down the Silver and Blue bridge of communication to reach the other individual in his or her Throat Chakra (located directly at the neck).

Anoint each candle, starting with the Silver candle, with the Spirit oil and speak this chant aloud:

With these words I speak to thee

Bridge the gap tween you and me

Communicatively speaking

Signs and happenstances be our words

Via Poseidons waves, or Athenas birds

Travel swiftly, do not be late

Now we shall communicate

Blow the candles out in any order, and let the incense burn itself out.

You should begin to sense the presence of the connection between you and the other individual more and more everyday after casting this spell.


To communicate, sit down and really attempt to feel him or her there with you; ask him or her questions. If they are trivial questions, such as those that require a simple YES or NO, the answer might come much simpler and quicker. But if large and important, dont expect the answer to come until it is the right time and/or place.


This article was contributed by TaRoCcHi_11

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