Seidhr Conjuring

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A small rug to sit on
  • Quiet, drum music
  • A candle or incense(optional)

A quick example of how to conjure forth a wight or spirit using seidhr.

Casting Instructions for 'Seidhr Conjuring'

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To begin, you must first get into a trance. This can be done in many ways. The easiest way would be to sit in a comfortable position upon the rug, then begin playing the drum music. The beat should be slow, soft and repetitive. The idea behind this is that you want a beat you can use to narrow your focus. Traditionally, the rhythm of the beating should match that of a horses hooves.

Focus on the sound of the beating, with your eyes closed. As you focus, feel yourself becoming almost light. This is when you want to achieve the trance. Your mind and consciousness should slowly be shifting to a new level. Once you feel you are in this state, you may stop focusing on the beating. Instead, focus on the plane/realm you are going to fare forth or project to. Push yourself, through your energy, into this area. Take it as slow as you need to take it. There is no need to rush. Being comfortable here is very important.

Now, call forth to a specific entity, deity, wight, etc that you are trying to communicate with and conjure. Put your energy into the intent of having this entity come to you from wherever it is. Should the entity be willing, it will come. From here, you may commune with it, or do whatever it is you had sat out to do in the first place. When you are done with what you had wished, slowly bring yourself out of the trance. Do not go too fast. It is always polite to thank whatever it is that you had conjured.


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