shape shifter

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • have powerful magic strong will belief and your first transformation as a sacrafice you do not need a sacrafice for any other transformmations just the first i started easy i sacraficed a dove

become any living aniamls or other people there are even reports of some becoming dragons and elemental creatures

Casting Instructions for 'shape shifter'

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on christmas day create a pentagram in the snow with crystals or sacred stones at midnight chant creatures of day and night. grant me your power grant me your form grant me your senses lend me your ears and be kind to me release me from my human form (sacrafice your first animal). and you are done you should feel a surge of energy and severe pain for a few minutes it will pass it also works better if you care for the animal or for animals in general and it works even beter if you shed tears during the spell i only know of myself and four others who can do this and only me and my brother who can do dragons all you have to do is see an animal to become it even a picture of it

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