Spirit Banishing

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 White candle
  • 1 Pentacle
  • 1 Bowl with two drops of blood.
  • 2 pieces paper

This spell will help banish a spirit.

Casting Instructions for 'Spirit Banishing'

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   =>Spirit Banishing

Now set it up in the following order;

  1. Place Pentacle on the ground.
  2. Place the bowl of blood to the south of the pentacle.
  3. Place the paper North of the Pentacle.
  4. Place the White candle East of the Pentacle.
  5. Place the last piece of paper to the West of the Pentacle.

Light the candle before saying this!

Say; Winds far and wide, nature so frale and bright, cast a link to the spirit that resides. Link this spirit to each object that retains arond this pentacle. Make its presence here retain inside these items.

Then take the paper from the North and place it on the flames, and say; Fire burn, cleanse this space, spirits life force now erase.

Then take the other Paper from the West and place it in the blood and say; Blood that binds us now fade, as the time clicks you will fade.

Take the candle and place it on the blood and say; as this fire burns our ties, your time on this side will die.

Then put the candle out and take the pentacle and run it through the smoke; Elements of earth and sky, take this spirit to the otherside.


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