How To Become An H20 Mermaid

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Blue Candle
  • Jewlery ect.
  • Imagination
  • In the bath tube (bath)
  • Night time (7:4a.m. or more
  • Believe
  • Not alot of SINS

This helps you become a mermaid exactly like the movi ''H20''.
You do to appear to have powers. You choose them in the spell this worx too. its my spell, its developed, so anyone can use it like any other spell just locked up in the world...ENJOY!

Casting Instructions for 'How To Become An H20 Mermaid'

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First, get into the bathtube. Take a bath. While the doors are locked. You need the candle lit. A bathroom fan on, so your family does not know you are turning into a mermaid. If they came in while your doing this spell, you mess up, your in trouble. But anyway, lets continue. Now, imagine what tail and power your having. Believe it can happen. Remember, close your eyes to imagine. You have to say the spell 15 times if your 15. Or if your 9, say it 9times. Say it the time as your age. If you don't follow this spell right, you can actullay be putting the curse on you, so I expect you to write it down on a blank peace of paper. And bring the paper into your bath to follow right instructions. Now, you have alot of sins more than 12, or 18, your going to get evil knocking back at your door! Okay, now all those steps are done, now for the saying spell. Be very very strong with a voice and don't ever mess up. What I'm trying to say is, take this sereacely! Don't mess up. You can acendently put a curse on you. that curse would be a "Lightning Curse"! SO heres what to say:

Twists and Twirls of the sea, can you speak to me? grant me to be an H2O living creature. I would like powers to protect in the sea, so mote and make this me. I'd like a shiny tail since I'm a Girl/Boy, so make it be. I live as a mermaid, let it be because I invoke thee.
Sea living objects, it can be. Will you make this me? This is who I wish to be! Please, grant me what I deserve to be, a human like fish is me! So Mote Me Be! I'd have a tail color of () and thy power of () please! This is all I need to protect myself in the sea! Sea belongs, human doe not, I'm free to no longer be inside humanity!
So Mote It Be!!! I grant a wish of the sea! So make this me! MOTE THIS ONE BE JUST FOR ME!!!

Your tail does not disapear when people see it. Anyway, it's permanit, so you cant reverce this spell. Its developed by me.


Telekinesis Hydrokinesis Atmokinesis Thermokinesis (I HAVE) Audiokinesis Cryokinesis Gyrokinesis Geokinesis (DONT NO WHAT THIS ONE IS).........Or you can make your own. how? Imagined. Replace the () with ""imagined me"" so what power or color you think, you get!
Takes 1day. Once you done the spell put away the charm. You dont need it for the spell to be a mermaid anymore.

Green Blue Pale Blue Baby Blue Navy Blue or your imagined. Liek i said, to get your own color, imagine it. just replace the () with ""imagined me""


This article was contributed by MiiJason1800

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