Love from the sea

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Fabric
  • Stuffing
  • Pearl
  • Saltwater
  • Five days
  • Small glass
  • Sand
  • Five Shells
  • Strong feelings and belief

This spell will help you receive love, honesty, kindness, happiness, calmness, and love. It will NOT restore a relationship, it will help you have more love in your life and love comes in many forms.

Casting Instructions for 'Love from the sea'

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Cut your fabric into two heart shapes and sow them together, heart must be small. Leave a small opening and put in your stuffing, than set it aside. Take a small glass and fill it with saltwater, you really dont need a lot for one pearl,. Put in your pearl and sprinkle the sand over it, it should just be a pinch of sand, smaller than a quarter. Leave the pearl in the saltwater for five days, place the shells around the glass. starting clockwise, touch each shell and think of these,do this every morning (it will put emotions into the pearl)-

First shell on first day- Think of Honesty (yellow) Second shell on second day- Think of kindness (pink) Third shell on third day- Think of Happiness (green) Fourth shell on fourth day- Think of Calmness (blue) Fifth shell on fifth day- Think of love (red) *The colors are the feeling strands, do not just think the colors* On the night of the fifth day, take out the pearl and move the glass out of the center of the shell circle and set the pearl down in the middle instead. Than think of the first color (yellow) as a glowing strand, than think the next one (pink) and imagine the emotion flowing through it. Imagine all the feeling strand flowing together and creating a ball of light, move the light down into your pearl. Now place the pearl into the center of your heart and sow it up the rest of the way. Now you can keep your heart with you whenever you need it, the sea will help you.


This article was contributed by CheshireGrin

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