To Engender Friendship

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A new experience

When we meet new people we do not always know quite how they will perceive us, so this is a good spell to help us be open to new experiences but also to protect ourselves from unwarranted intrusion. You need good powers of visualisation, and little else.

Casting Instructions for 'To Engender Friendship'

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  • Before you are in a situation where you may be meeting new people or experiencing something new find a quiet place.
  • Stand with your feet about 18 inches apart so you are well grounded.
  • Visualize a bright light rising like a mist from around your feet and flowing up round you till it reaches above your head.
  • Think of this as your protective cloak and be aware that only you can give permission for it to be penetrated in any way - emotionally or psychically.
  • Say: I protect myself from harm .
  • Now bring a similar light down round you from above being aware that this light will bring out the best qualities in you and say: I now shine and so charmLastly see the two lights and mists intermingling so that you sense your own energy field around you and know you are presenting a true picture to the outside world.
  • You can now go forward confidently into your new situation, telling yourself that you are the most noticeable/vibrant/happy person there. This spell does not mean that you are arrogant or pushy, it is simply a technique to create a persona that is warm and welcoming to other people. It means that they see you as you really are, but also means you are in control of any situation which may arise.


This article was contributed by Angelina_20

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