Rejoining Love

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Something emotionally or physically connected to each person (hair, nail clipping, bracelet, etc.)
  • NOTE: You have to get one connection from BOTH people, such as one nail for each person, or hair from one and blood from the other
  • A cup/bowl
  • A wand (or stick, spoon, etc.)
  • Strong will
  • Water
  • A flower (already planted and growing)

Are you tired of having to comfort your friend who has just gotten out of a relationship? And the best part is that this spell will work for your heartbreaking break up too! (Just tweak the words. It's easy!)

Casting Instructions for 'Rejoining Love'

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Take the cup/bowl and pour water into it. Take the connections from each person (more than one will make it stronger) and put them into the water. Stir with the wand/stick/spoon and stir until you are done chanting:

By the power of my will,
Let my wish be fulfilled,
I am tired of sorrow,
Let that change tomorrow,
While water and aura mix,
Broken hearts shall be fixed,
But not mine,
But my friends,
Let their love never end,
Until their hearts have been filled,
With the love always instilled,
It shall be their choice to end their love,
And kill the beautiful white dove,
Let (name) and (name) be together again,
At this spell's end,
Like the eternal life of an undisturbed tree,
This is my wish, so mote it be!

Now take your mixing tool out and set it down on the north side of the water. Pour the mixture around the flower in a circle for as many times as needed. Then say quietly:

God/goddess hear my plea,
Make my wish a reality!

WARNING: If this spell backfires (which it very well could), the couple you are trying to rejoin together will end up hating each other even more!


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