Peace for squabbling siblings

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A lighter or matched
  • A white ribbon for each sibling
  • A bowl of rainwater
  • A different coloured ribbon for each sibling (2 of each colour)
  • A piece of paper with the cause of the most recent squabble written on it for each sibling
  • A white candle
  • The will power to stop arguing for long enough to cast the spell

If you and your sibling are constantly fighting then this spell may be for you. Unfortunatly this spell is only suitable for two siblings although you can cast it more than once with different siblings.

Casting Instructions for 'Peace for squabbling siblings'

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First of all you need to cast a circle
Sit cross legged on the floor opposite eachother on the inside of the circle with the equipment in between you.
Light the white candles.
Each take yiur white ribbon and sprinkle some rainwater on it.
Say "The white is pure, a brand new start, heres hoping it can change our hearts."
Now both the coloured ribbon that belongs to yourself. (The other person will have their own coloured ribbon).
Each sprinkle rainwater onto this ribbon.
"This is me, and my choices, set them free, at their purest."
Next both take the other persons colour ribbon and sprinkle rainwater on them.
Say "We are togethr bound by positivity, we coexist in perfect harmony."
Each take your three ribbons and plait them together tying the plait around your wrist to symbolise your friendship and binding. (Ensure that your sibling does the same).
Each burn the arguement papers on your own candles.
Open the circle and go about your lifes in peace and harmony.
Blessed Be.

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