Bring someone back into your life

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Incense (Optional)
  • A crystal/gemstone (Optional)
  • A piece of Quarts (Recommended)

A spell that is meant to compel someone to reenter your life. It fills them with lust for you, or at least lust for the idea of you.

Casting Instructions for 'Bring someone back into your life'

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If you are using an incense, light it now.
Then, holding the gemstone if you've chosen to use on, say:

"With faith there is strength, with strength there is power, with power there is Magick always.
With faith there is strength, with strength there is power, with power there is Magick always.
With faith there is strength, with strength there is power, with power there is Magick always.
I call now upon the Wellsprings of Hecate, goddess of Magick, and ask that she lend her might to my spell."

Then think of the person you wish to enchant. As you speak the following, visualize it happening.

"Now fly to [Full name];
fill him with a burning lust!
Reach into he; make him see
that I am the only man.
Have [name] think always about me;
[Full Name] has no control over his mind.

Upon this day held sacred to the goddess,
Henceforth shall [name] hold me as an idol,
ever withing to embrace me.
[Full Name] is to be obsessed with me.

As the light fades, so to does the resistance [name] offers.
Wash over [Full name], wipe from existence any Magick that keeps him free from me.
The Moon reaches into the sky,
a silver power that now
shall vale this spell.
With the power of Quarts,
[Name]'s feelings towards me
are transformed to love.

Lady Aphrodite, please bless me, and bring
[Full Name] back into my life."

If you have a piece, hold a piece of Quarts throughout the last five lines of the spell.


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