A Wish Fulfilling Moon Ritual

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • First we need to prepare a big jar of fresh water,
  • some milk, some sugar and rice. It is said that for
  • best result, it is best to use Ganga Jal or sea
  • water. For general wishes, then this ritual should
  • be carried out on the second night after the
  • black moon.

The moon is worshipped in many cultures. In the
West, witches performing the drawing down of
the moon for spell casting. In ancient China,
animals and Taoists use breathing exercises to
draw moon energy into their bodies for magic
work or for healing. In India making offerings to moon may also make your wish come true.

Casting Instructions for 'A Wish Fulfilling Moon Ritual'

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When the time is right, pour the milk, sugar and
rice into a jug of fresh water. Now go to a quite
place where you will not be disturbed. Stare at
the moon for a while and now hold the jug with
both hands and raise it above your head. Now
make a wish and pour down the water in the jug. While you are pouring down the water,
look at the moon through the flowing water
while thinking of your wish. After the ritual, give thank to the moon and go
back immediately without looking back. You
may perform the ritual on the same time next
month until your wish is fulfilled. It is also
believed that whoever makes this ritual a
routine will be prosperous and rich even without asking.

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