Wishing Stone

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 smooth, average sized stone
  • 1 pot filled with soil
  • Garden
  • 1 seed
  • A bowl of water
  • Small fire
  • Belief

There is NO guarantee that this spell will work 100%, however, it will increase your chances.

Casting Instructions for 'Wishing Stone'

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1. First, you will need to connect the stone with the elements. Make a shallow hole in the soil, place the stone inside and cover with a thin layer, then place the seed on top and cover that. Water the stone each day until a shoot appears. Continue watering until the shoot as grown leaves.

2. Gently pull out the seedling, BUT BE CAREFUL NOT TO HARM IT, AS YOU WILL NEED IT! Extract the stone from underneath, and replace the seedling. You will need to keep growing it until it is too big for the pot. Then transfer it to your garden.

3. Meanwhile, shake some of the loose dirt off the stone and gently place it into the bowl of water. Leave it in a dark place for a day, then put it in the freezer or somewhere else where the water will freeze for another day. Finally, light a (small!) fire and place the frozen stone next to it to thaw.

4. Now that you have the stone, it's time to empower it. Chant:

Fire, water, earth, plant and air
Hear me chant, hear me sing
A great power lies within
A stone so mighty
A stone so high
Will grant thee wish anytime!

Imagine power entering the stone!

To use your stone, repeat the word 'wish' over and over in your hand as you hold the stone. Say your wish, then leave the stone.

You will need to actually imagine it working. Over the next few days, keep the stone in your pocket or bag. Concentrate on your wish, and believe that it will happen!


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