A Wish Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -1 candle, the color corresponding to your wish
  • -1 piece of unlined printer paper cut in half
  • -1 black pen
  • -1 envelop
  • -lighter
  • -something small that corresponds with your wish
  • -belief in your wish
  • -room

When using this spell, you are encouraged to be practical with your wish

Casting Instructions for 'A Wish Spell'

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1. Go into a room with all the above supplies and close the door
2. Set the candle on the floor and light it
3. Turn the lights in the room off
4. Take the piece of paper and the pen and sit in front of the candle
5. In the candlelight, write your wish on the paper and fold it in half
6. Draw a pentagram on the folded paper
7. Place the paper in the envelope
8. Put the small thing that corrosponds with your wish in the envelope as well
9. Seal the envelope (using saliva)
10. Place the envelope directly infront of the candle
11. Stare into the flame and chant:
"my wish is on paper. My wish will come true. As I say so mote it be"
12. Pick up the envelope, hold it to your chest and say:
"I hold this envelope to my heart. This envelope holds my wish. My desire. I humbly ask the god and godess to grant my wish. My desire. As I say so mote it be"
13. When you have chanted this blow out the candle and turn on the lights
14. Leaving everything (such as the candle) where it is. Go outside and bury the envelope.
15. When you have buried the envelope place your hand over the area you buried it and quickly visualize your wish coming true.
16. Go back inside and clean up


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