Spite n' Smite

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • One black candle
  • Something to light the candle
  • A small piece of unlined paper
  • A black ink pen

This is one of the simplest spells I have learned and adapted to my own taste and doesn't require much effort or tools to do so. It is a type of spell that is used when someone is being mean or cruel to you and you wish for them to stop, Irs good for

Casting Instructions for 'Spite n' Smite'

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I. Light candle then recite this prayer:

?Oh Lord, my enemy has come and has given me a sour bite to the cheek and shredded my heart into a fine powder. They have torn my limbs and threw them it into a pile of spitefulness and had treated me with much disrespect. Please Father and show them justice for what they have done to me while being the most respected and protective father that you are. Allow the rightful punishment for their crime against me and but please show them mercy, Amen?

II. Write down the person?s name in the middle of the paper with the pen, then fold it away from you and turn it counterclockwise while doing the same thing two more times. Also when you fold it say this one at a time in each order by suspending it over the flame:

?In the name of the Father?
?In the name of the Son?
?In the name of the Holy Ghost?

III. Ignite the paper into the flames then say:

?By the power of this flame may the message enter the heavens for that God may receive it and ?answers my prayers, Amen?

IV. Snuff out candle


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