Money Sigil

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Green candle

Sigil to bring money to everyone who uses it and multiplies in strength the more people see it.

Casting Instructions for 'Money Sigil'

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Take blank paper and draw the money sigil on it (sigil is found on my profile pictures). Once sigil is on paper, light green candle and meditate to charge (or use any other form of charging that works best for you) feel the energy and money going through the sigil to you. (I like to listen to money by pink Floyd while meditating and visualizing a river of money coming at me and merging with my body. Putting it in a honey jar is also a good idea.) Once the sigil is charged leave it with the candle till it burns out, and then draw this sigil everywhere you choose. This sigil is designed so that once it charged you can put it anywhere, the more people see it and get their energy into it(even if they dont know what its for or just glance at it, the better it will collect it all and just get stronger and bring more money to you and everyone that uses this sigil.

So spread it around.

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