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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • One candle (any color)
  • Something to light your candle
  • Belief
  • Trust in your God or Goddess of choice

This spell should cleanse your past pains, frustrations, and negative emotions. The pain will not be gone completely, but will be dulled, and you will be a stronger person from it.

Casting Instructions for 'Rebirth'

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1- Light your candle, and hold the candle.
2- Stare into the flame, and channel all your past negative emotions into it. Imagine these emotions as a sphere of energy in your core, then imagine them going out though your arms and into the candle, traveling to the flame.
3- (Do not break eye contact with the candle, unless it's to blink, of course, and don't lose concentration on the flame.) Say these words, addressing your God or Goddess of choice: "My Lord/Lady, I have been though many hardships in this life of mine. I wish for my pains and sorrows, angers and frustrations, fears and uncertainties, to be changed into something newer and stronger. I wish to grow from my past mistakes and misfortunes, not to be held back by them. I wish to hurt from them no more; for them to do me no harm. I wish for them to transform me into someone wiser, stronger, calmer, and more self-aware. So mote it be."
4- Imagine the energy that represents the negative emotions changing color, and becoming wisdom, strength, peace, and self-awareness. Imagine the energy going from the flame back through the candle and down your arms back to your core.
5- Thank the God/Goddess and blow out the candle.

Please message me if it works. This was one of my first spells.


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