Boost Creativity Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Blue fabric or paper (Square or rectangle)
  • -Yellow ink/paint
  • -A Citrine
  • -Cinnamon or Bergamot oil
  • -Diffuser/Oil burner

Do you need a little push to get creative for a project at work?
Or to help you with some inspiration for art?
This will help you get your boost of creativity.
Do this preferably on a Wednesday for extra power.

Casting Instructions for 'Boost Creativity Spell'

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On the piece of fabric/paper write a word or draw something that represents where you need to focus your creativity.
Rub the corners of the fabric/paper with the Cinnamon or Bergamot oil.
Place the cloth in front of the diffuser/burner on your altar. Put the citrine on top of the fabric.
Light the candle of your diffuser/burner and as the oil is burning meditate for a few minutes about your project while saying in your head

"Open my mind,
Let my creativity flow,
My heart and mind direct,
My hands create,"

The ideas will start coming to you and you will feel ready to create. When the oil is done burning, take the piece of fabric/paper with the citrine and place it near you on your place of work. You can put it by your desk.

Repeat the meditation every Wednesday to boost your creativity.
Every time you have a new project you must get a new piece of fabric or paper and write down/symbolize your project.(Remember to rub the oil on the corners)

Sending my blessings,
-Mar D Caos


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