Wealth Mantra of the Yellow Dzambhala

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Picture or statue or figurine of Yellow Dzambhala
  • -Lots of clear soothing water, a fountain, stream, or anything or place that has water continuously pouring down.
  • -Incense(optional)
  • -Belief and faith

The Yellow Dzambhala is the Buddhist god of wealth. He is the most powerful and wealthiest of the 5 Dzambhalas and is the the popular. Chanting his mantra while offering him clear water will be bringing wealth to you and the area it is done in. It can also invoke him.

Casting Instructions for 'Wealth Mantra of the Yellow Dzambhala'

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Place the picture or statue of Dzambhala under clear and soothing water that is pouring out. Or pour clean and soothing water on Dzambhala's head or crown. Chant out the mantra of Dzambhala. To know you're chanting to the correct Dzambhala, check if one of his legs is on top of a snail and lotus while his other leg is kinked. Make sure he is holding a mongoose that's vomiting out jewels in one hand. In the other, make sure he is holding gems in the shape of leaves and fruit. He is sometimes shown holding a pagoda instead of a mongoose. If it's a golden, orange, or yellow color(though not always that color), then it could mean that it's the Yellow Dzambhala.
Anyway, while you're pouring clean, clear, soothing water, chant his mantra 7, 21, or best of all, 108 times. It'll be greater if you chant over 108 times. Anyway, his mantra goes as:
"Om Dzambhala Dzardin Dzaya Soha"

This article was contributed by Dongho

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