Clear as Air

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Last Quarter
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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Blue and Black Candle
  • Match
  • Fire proof surface

To be forgotten or not to be noticed around others you don't wish to talk to or have a convosation with.

Casting Instructions for 'Clear as Air'

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   =>Clear as Air

Put the candles on or in a fireproof surface, light candles and stare in the space between the candles, preferabbly looking at nothing but air visualizing yourself dissappearing with the air around the candles. chant:

As for the seen make me unseen to unworthy eyes, only those whomI see true can see me. Through the element air, cast me into your cloak of illussion untilI so deem to be seen. asI blow the candles out the smoke shall illusianize me in its feathery cloak.

Blow out the candles towards eachother, you dont move the candle to blow them out. Visualize yourself becoming invisible in the smokes grasp, now forget the spell and continue on with your day. to reverse the spell, all ou have to do is go to the candles were you made the spell and visualize yourself reappearing in the middle of the two candles, now relight the candles and say:

As may asI might, the sight of light falls onto my face as step out of the cloak illusionary flight.

Spell is now done... have fun.


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