Bring a Baby

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Red Candle (Fertility)
  • White Candle (Balance)
  • Goblet (Glass)
  • Wine
  • Knife

This is a Spell which is done by both parents to call a child to them.

Casting Instructions for 'Bring a Baby'

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Take Glass Goblet and Pour Grape wine in it. Make a small cut on Your finger and The Males finger. You both add your blood to the wine with theFemale stiring it with her finger which she cut. The Shavani will then lift up the Goblet and Chant:

With Love with give our blood, So we may give birth to another This is our intent, As Nyx Wills it, So mote it be

The Male will then Light the White candle and Chant:

I am the one who is to be the father, I light this white candle, To bring Balance within our hearts. We are calling to you our little one.

The Female will then Light the Red Candle and Chant:

I am the one who is to be the mother, I light this Red candle so I may carry a Child. With Balance of Love and Happiness, I now chant.

The Female then gives the Male the Goblet, and allows him to drink half as she chant:

This is the Goblet which we share, To bring forth our child, Oh great Goddess of Night.

The Male then gives the Female the Goblet, and allows her to drink rest as he chants:

This is the Goblet which we share, To bring forth our child Oh Great God of Darkness

The Shavani then Binds this spell with this Chant:

With the Power of the Goddess 3

The Male then Chants:

With the power of the Consort Be

They Both Chant:

We Bind this spell, So Mote it Be


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