Be Seen as You Truly Are

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • image of ganesha
  • believing in yourself
  • white image candle/ a candle infused with you unmatched energy,personality, and power
  • arua clensing oil
  • sandalwood oil
  • candle snuffer

Helps you and others understand you. It is death for your old self and rebirth for you. Red and yellow candle, Ganesh oil.

Casting Instructions for 'Be Seen as You Truly Are'

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invoke ganesha,the hindu elehant-headed god of fortune,wisdom, and literature. place an image, whether its a postcard, drawing, or a statue of ganesha, next to a white image candle. imagine white golden light swirling beneath your feet. close your eyes and visualize the light entering your body through your toes and coursing through your body until it shines from the top of your head and throgh each finger. watch as the white golden light moves to encircle you like a protective shield.take three deep breaths. inscribe the white candle with your astrological sign, magikal name, and/or your favorite symbols. anoint both red and yellow candles with two drops of ganesha oil to call in his assistance. say:

" Ganesha, i call you forth to me today
to remove the obstacles in my way"

rub sandalwood oil on the whiye image candleand imagine yourself infused with iner peace, balance, and relaxation. add arua clensing oil to clear away any mildew or dirt from your arua, see yourself as a clear quartz crytal. imagine yourself wiping each facet clean like a window. when all your ''windows'' are clean open youe eyes. thank ganesha and douse the flame with a candle snuffer.


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