Guidance Sygil spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Will power
  • Magick
  • Black ink
  • Lavander (OPTIONAL)

It's a spell designed to give you guidance, in paths, choices, your life. You'll fell it like a sixth sense, like a gut feeling... it last for an hour or so

Casting Instructions for 'Guidance Sygil spell'

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The key to this spell is intention.

Start by feeling the magic flowing within you. When you achieve such state you should start to build up concentration and focus. Charge your magic with intent, use your feeling of being lost.

Use the balck ink to draw a Circle in each back of the hand, small one, pea-size, then make a diagonal that crosses through it. Both symbols must be equal in each hand, not mirrored.

When ready start casting the spell by joining your hands palm with palm. Start chanting "J'ackre, J'ackre) (pronouce Ehakhar?). While chanting separate your middle fingers and index fingers, then cross them. Make sure both your palms are still together andthat your index finger and middle fingers tips, while crossed touch eachother. Now direct your hands to your front, like you are pointing a gun. Cross your thumbs.keep said fingers crossed and separate the remaining uncrossed fingers.

Stop chanting.

Make sure you your wrists are paralel to eachother. Finally clench your fists three times.
If you use magic through an entity, god, godess or other, finish by asking their blessing or name them, if it helps your magic.

Crush the lavander and rub it against the symbols, not necessary. It is not originally from the "book" as it was written in a different handwritting and in another colour. It says it makes the guidance feeling stronger.


This was roughly translated by me from an old "book" (read stack of old hand-written papers" i found in an old abandoned house in the country side. I tried and it seems too work. Hope it works for you too, any doubts let me know.


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