Fertility Spell (You & Partner)

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • - You and Your Partner
  • - Strand of hair from each person
  • - Piece of Bark from an oak tree
  • - white candle
  • - bowl of water

This is a Spell that will help you and your partner have a better chance of conceiving a child.

Casting Instructions for 'Fertility Spell (You & Partner)'

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- Hold Hands for the whole spell
- Female fills bowl with water
- Male Lights the candle
- Each places their strand of hair in the bowl
- Male takes the Bark and moves it over / around the flame clockwise
as many times as it takes to say the chant 3 times.
- Male kisses the bark then hands it to the Female while kissing her.
- Female takes the bark and stirs it in the water clockwise as many times as it takes to say the chant 3 times.
- Both partners kiss, placing the oak between their hands
- Say the chant together then kiss again.
- Place the bark somewhere that you will see it everyday. ( and while your having sex, have it near you)
- As you walk by it during the day, say " thank you (god / goddess)


Mother and Father
we will be
bless a child
unto me
if we're not ready
give us a sign
Tell us (god/goddess)
If we need more time
If it harm none,
let it be done.
Blessed Be.

( this is not tested, please tell me if it works for you, and how long it took. )


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