Blessing My Unborn Baby

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • a pink or blue cloth (for the gender even if unknown)
  • something to represent your baby (I used Jericho flowers because I know that in my future I am going to have a son and I want to name him Jericho)
  • 1 white candle for spirit
  • 1 blue candle for water
  • 1 red candle for fire
  • 1 green or brown candle for earth
  • 1 light blue or yellow candle for air
  • Baby oil
  • Baby toy (optional)
  • incense (optional but I would recommend love, protection, etc.)

To bless your unborn future baby whether you're currently pregnant or not pregnant yet. This will bring your future baby blessings before it is born and keep your baby protected.

Casting Instructions for 'Blessing My Unborn Baby'

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On a flat surface lay down the pink or blue cloth. In the middle of the cloth place an item to represent your baby (such as a toy, item, or herb. *I used Jericho flowers for mine*)Around the item set up the candles for the elements creating the five pointed star for a pentagram. You may anoint the candles with the baby oil (while I was performing this spell the baby oil spilled and knocked over. When I picked it up I realized the image of a baby on the bottle had changed and it was now the image of my future baby that I was doing this blessing for.) Play with a baby toy if you are using one or don't have baby oil. If you would like now is the time to burn your incense. Chant:
"I bless this baby of mine my unborn child divine. Provide love, care, protection, and good health. Keep my baby safe from harm. With the elements I welcome you into this world. Hear my voice I am your mother (or father if you are a guy), feel the love between me and your father (or in which case if you are a guy then say mother). My baby you are blessed in this life with arms to always hold you. Your magic will be awakened and true love will surround you. Blessed be."
Then, when you are done blow out the candles. If the incense are still burning allow them to burn.
*~::my future son Jericho::~*


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