to ressurect the dead

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • for the preliminary:
  • athame/boyline
  • 1 altar cloth
  • pastic/glass jar or container
  • for the ritual:
  • an earn with heroglipics and symbols of osiris (god of the dead)
  • the heart and blood
  • 4 white candles
  • holy water

god. i never tought id give anyone this spell. this spell ressurects the dead, but be warned, they can come back wrong,different, unnatural. and if you perform this spell when you arent ready, or arent powerful enough, it will kill forewarned!............ there are two parts to this spell, theres a preliminary.
by patrick hawkes

Casting Instructions for 'to ressurect the dead Spell'

A living animal sacrifice is required, so 1-2 days before the ritualgo to a forset near a source of running water, and you can either take an animal (large) with you, or call out for one when you are there.
Sit near the source of running water with your stuff laid out on the altar cloth in front of you.chant:

Adoni, Helumnay, Peenay,
Adoni, Helumnay, Peenay,
The gods do command thee
from thy majesty
oh mapulamun,
Adoni, Helumnay, Peenay,
come forward blessed one,
know your calling
come forward oh blessed one.

As soon as the animal is in front of you, stab it until it is dead, (avoiding the heart). Then say:

accept ourhumble gratitude
for your offering
in death you give life,
may you find wings to the kingdom.

cut out the heart of the animal with as much blood as you can.

THE MAIN RITUAL: (the heart must be on top of the grave)
This ritual should be performed at the dead persons grave site, at midnight exactly.Be warned, osiris will test you to see if you are worthy.Performed with 5 people, the most powerful witch facing the grave stone, the other four people holding lit candles on each side of the midnight, the most powerful witch begins. ( ALL FOUR CANDLES MUST BE LIT) she pours the blood into the earn, and starts:

keeper of the gate,
master of all fate,
hear us!

The witch dabs her finger into the blood and does a line going down her forehead, and one on each cheek facing inwards. then continues:

Before time and after,
before knowing and nothing.

The witch then pours all the blood from the earn onto the grave.Then shouts:

Accept our offering,
know our prayer,
here lies the...( person role/ job)..... of the people,
let her/ him cross over,
let him/ her cross over,
release him/ her
osiris release her/ him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The witch then waits.

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