Becca's Vampire Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Bedroom
  • Bed
  • Night time
  • Alone time

this spell turns you into a vampire as soon as you do this spell.

Casting Instructions for 'Becca's Vampire Spell'

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You have to be inside and it has to be night and you have to be in your bedroom. You have to be sitting on yor bed. Then you say this chant only one time:

I make a life commitment ot be neither living nor dead. I wish to be a vampire. On this night. No longer will I live the way others do. I shall become a vampire. I shall burn in the sunlight. The sunlight shall cause pain to me. I shall be able to run up to 40 miles per hour, I shall be able to use mind control on other people. I shall be able to live forever without ever ageing. I shall be frozen at the age of 13. So make this me. This is who I wish to be make me what I want to be make me a vampire. I shall have an uncontrolable thrist for blood, I shall want blood every momment of everyday, I shall become a blood crazed monster that only cares about blood. This is who I want to be make me what I desire to be make me what I want to be make me a vampire. Im no longer a human I am a vampire and I shall be a vampire with no way out of it. I shall become a vampire. No longer shall I be a human. Human doesnt belong vampire does. So make this me. make me what I wish to be make me a vampire! Make me a blood crazed monster. I shall live for blood, I shall crave blood, So make this me. make me a true ripper. Make me a vampire. I shall want blood every momment of every day. I shall have very pale skin. And ifI ever tocuh vervain it shall burn and cause pain to me. With pointy fangs. So make this me. So mote it be.

Thats the spell say it only one time in your bed room at night and then as soon as you do this spell you will become a vampire. NOTE: Cant turn back into a human ever. Now on the account of the fact that this spell works so fast there are no side effects. BeccaSullen.


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