A Vampire Spell:Makes You A Vampire Instantly.Becca.

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this spell turns you into a vampire instantly after you do the spell. it makes you a vampire like the ones from the tv series the vampire diaries. you can do pretty much what they can do. Good Luck.

Casting Instructions for 'A Vampire Spell:Makes You A Vampire Instantly.Becca.'

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First thing you do is you say this chant three times when its night.

"I wish to be a vampire. On this night, I wish to crave blood, to want to have blood,I can no longer walk into the sunlight if I am in the sunlight I burn and I can see smoke rising from my skin cause I'm burning in the sunlight. Whenever I see blood, the veins in my eyes appear and my eyes turn red and long pointy fangs appear. I have pale skin. I can compel people. That I shall be able to run super fast. I shall be able to hear things from far away. So Mote It Be."

Say it three times when its night and then you'll be a vampire instantly after yo udo this spell.

Good Luck.

There are no side effects on this spell.

It does work cause i've done it and it worked and so did my friends and it worked perfectly for them.

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