Curse of the Vampire

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • ( cup of blood (human would be best but not recommended)
  • ( cup of pure salt
  • ( silver cross (small)

This spell will curse you by turning you into a vampire.

Casting Instructions for 'Curse of the Vampire'

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in the night go to a ruined church and place the cup of blood into the center of the room (the holiest place) stand still for about 15 seconds. drop the silver cross into the cup of blood. poor the salt around the cup (for your protection) and then chant.

"on this unholy night with a silver cross of pure light. may the blood of the insistent spill, let the rays of the first light kill. i except true darkness into my soul, chain my will and bottle my soul"

after this a dark shadow will dart across the church and any crosses in the room will be falling to the ground. the cup will move then a man with a face of fire will stand behind the salt. it will ask you

"do you except this curse?"

if you say yes the salt will burn and the blood will turn darker. drink the blood and be ready for A LOT of pain.

i don't recommend nor wish any one ever use this spell this is a curse not a fun twilight book. this will ruin your life as a caster i'm only putting this spell here for the better of casters. if you don't wish for this to come don't use the spell.

and don't complain to me if it dose not work this is not my spell i found it in my book of magic.

(last note: this will make you "immortal" but it is a curse and not to be used lightly)


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