Wolf Alpha

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • alone time
  • say 1x

This is a spell that turns you into a alpha wolf. Just mail me side effects and tell me if it works.

Casting Instructions for 'Wolf Alpha'

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Will become a werewolf off of teen wolf. in humen and wolf form I will be 200x stronger than an elephant, 100x faster than a cheetah, can go in temperatures of -40 degrees celsius and up to 120 degrees fahrenheit, can hear up to 10 miles away and smell up to 2 miles and enhanced sight up to 1 mile away and live for ever. in wolf form i will have red eyes and black fur with white teeth and 1-inch long, razer sharp cainines my teeth and my skin will be unbreakable. the shift from man to wolf and back will be painless and fast. wolfbain will be my only weekness nothen else. i will beable to turn to wolf and back anytime i want and i will beable to control my self in wolf form. in humen and wolf form

(male: i will be 6 feet tall and weigh 250 pounds with a 8 pack)

(female: i will be feet and 7 inches tall and weigh 200 pounds with a perfect body)

this is my will so mote it be.

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