Homeless Animals Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Brown Candle
  • Symbol, pic or drawing of the gods of animals.
  • Best performed on a Thursday

A spell to help find homes for animals that have none. Best for newborn animals you are looking for homes for.

Casting Instructions for 'Homeless Animals Spell'

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Set up your altar as you see fit and invoke your gods or gods appropriate to the powers of animals. (Never invoke divinities that are foreign to you.) After opening prayers and offerings draw the symbol of the goddess of your pantheon that guards over animalife. You can also use a drawing or a photo of them. As you hold the image in your hand, speak second prayers to the gods. Now take up the brown candle in hand and charge it with brown animalistic energy. Picture the animal in question and chant the follow 9 times: Sweet and tender ___(animal)___, my heart goes out to you Here in this candle I charge for thee your energy and the powers to locate a home. Now place the symbol of the Gods that guard over animals underneath a brown candle. Light the candle and see the burst of animal enegery just feel your room and your home. Concentrate on sending love and healing energy to the homeless animal/s. Speak this prayer aloud: With this candle burning bright I send this prayer to you tonight. I hope that you will hear my call for the animals great and small. ________, my God, keep them strong as they walk this path thats long. ________, my Goddess, send your love and shine upon them from above. Hold them close, let them not be alone. Please help each one find a home. And with this prayer may people see animals need them. So mote it be. Let the candle burn out. Gather the wax and picture and place it in a nice safe closed place like a decorated wooden box or something of the like, till your pet finds a home. If you are doing this spell for lost and homeless animals in general, you may want to repeat this spell frequently because more animals are abandoned each day.


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