To unleash your inner wolf.

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • your self,
  • an open wild area,
  • a knolage of your spirit animal.

this isn't exactly a spell it's more of a how to to get in touch with your spirit animal. I used wolf just as an example it should work for any animal just make some subsitutions.

Casting Instructions for 'To unleash your inner wolf.'

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Go to a large wide open space that you feel confetable in. Start to losen up a bit and start to move around a bit more like the animal in question, if it's a wolf take on a more of a loping gate maybe run a bit more or stalk birds about roll around in the grass(unlesss you have dreads then thats a really bad idea). what ever you do think about what the animal does naturaly DO NOT just presume because you have seen them do it in captivity they will do that in the wild for example wolves have an enormouse teritory so rome around alot. This can be great fun if your a kid but if your an adult expect some funny looks also do this as often as you want,

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