Wolf spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A candle to represent the night
  • A candle to represent the moon
  • And a candle to represent power

This spell will turn you into a wolf.I have not tryed i yet but I am going to try it.But this is a very powerful spell

Casting Instructions for 'Wolf spell'

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Go outside on the night of the fullmoon.Sit down where you can see the moon.Then when you are sitting comfortablely put the candles infront of you in an order.Put the moon candle on the right, the night candle on the left, and the power candle in the middle.Then meditate about your intention of becoming a wolf.When you are ready light the moon candle and say this chant one time ''This candle represents te moon may I be abl to shift wet I please a long as I am under its light''.
then liht the night candle and say '' this candle represets the nigth,my invisibility cloak, may I stay out of the sight of humans''.Now light the power candle and say this candle represens my inner wolf instint my I be able to tap into itand access my inner wolf''.
Nw do not blow ou the candles yet you must say this chant 10 times.''Goddess, goddessof the night stalking hunting out of sight please give me your rodes of furs and the teeth sharp as daggers goddess, goddess of the night eyes of ''what you want your eyes to be'' and fur of '' what you want your fur to be''.
At the end of the spell say ''by the power of three so mote it be''


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