Werewolf-Vampire Hybrid

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Waning Crescent Moon
Waning Crescent
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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 Black Candle
  • Full Moon or New Moon

This spell will turn you into a Werewolf-Vampire hybrid. You will have the ability to shift into a wolf at will and also grow the fangs of a Vampire.

Casting Instructions for 'Werewolf-Vampire Hybrid'

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You will need to be alone at night. Being alone will help with your concentration. If you want your wolf traits to be stronger, perform this spell during a Full Moon. If you want your Vampire traits to be stronger, perform this spell during a New Moon. Light the black candle and stare into the flame. Watch the smoke and flame rise above the candle. Once youre focused on the fire, try and feel the candles energy. Now, close your eyes and go into a meditative state. Relax all of your body muscles and take deep breaths. After youve reached a calm state, chant the following incantation:

Wolves on the hunt, Vampires alive, I summon thee to aid and guide me. I wish to be both of you: shifting into a wolf whenever I please, having canine teeth sharp enough to draw blood. With this candles flame and my desires, I ask this, I plead this! For this is my will. So Mote It Be!

Repeat as many times as you feel necessary. Make sure your voice is clear and powerful. You have to be confident in your decisions when it comes to magic. I do not have any side-effects yet because I have not tested the spell myself. I will perform this spell the next Full Moon or New Moon. If you do try this spell, make sure to tell me any side-effects youve discovered. I hope your magical journey is bright and beautiful. Blessed Be.


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