Turn Others into a Vampire

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • In Presence:
  • 4 black and 4 Red candles
  • Large Scale witchcraft Pentagram
  • 4 witches (Can Be 2 but the candles must be 2 as well)
  • In Distance:
  • 4 Black and 2 White Candles
  • 4 witches (Must be

This spell can be done both in presence and from distance.

Casting Instructions for 'Turn Others into a Vampire'

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In presence:
turn off all the lights and Lay down the person on the ground and take the Pentagram in his/her hand Place 4 black candles in north,east,west and south of the person and the four witches stand infront of the black candles and each witch must hold a red candle then all together Chant: Mother Vampire, Selene, We Ask On ur help to aid (full name) to be a vampire as he/she please to join the vampire's Embrace of immortality, he/she takes an oath to be a vampire and serve u forever more, may dark powers of vampires take over ur soul (full name) And mother Vampire Accepts u as an vampire....
Then blow out all the candles and let the person fall asleep in his position...
In Distance:
tell the person in distance to place 2 white candles in north and south of his/her body and lighten them and go to sleep, Gather the witches and hold four black candles and chant the same words for turning in presence and after extinguishing the candles slowly whisper: may him/her wake as a vampire....

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