Ode to Selene

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A poem/prayer to the moonlight goddess; Selene, for help in becoming a vampire.

Casting Instructions for 'Ode to Selene'

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The chant, or spel is basically a calling to Selene in order for her to send one of her children (a vampire) to turn you into a vampire. **DISCLAIMER: Do not read these words out aloud unless you intend for results to occur. Ive read some comments posted by people whove done it and its been quite scary for them so take care** Go to pires.htmlto learn more about it. There original prayer is in Latin, with the English translation following. Apparently its best to read the Latin one aloud first and then the english one. O dea tenebris mater immortalibus puer tuus fac me sicut renascentur mea lux vestra absorbere liceat mihi locus ad tenebras sicut ex utero immortales filios tuos in ulnis quibus invocaverit te frater O lunae lumen puer tuus fac me sicut renascentur me duce tenebris sunt i ita erit renatus Oh goddess of the darkness mother to the immortal let me be reborn as your child let your light absorb my own Allow me passage to the darkness as from your immortal womb into the arms of your children to whom I will call brother Oh moonlight let me be reborn as your child guide the dark ones to me so I shall be born again


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