Mermaid Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 bracelet or necklace (a sturdy one)
  • 1 bowl/cup full of water

I created this spell, aiming at people who regularly touch water. For example, swim team members like me.

Casting Instructions for 'Mermaid Spell'

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1) Take your jewelry and fill your bowl/cup.
2) Sit with the bowl in front of you while holding your jewelry in cupped hands.
3) Close your eyes and visual yourself swimming with your tail. Keep in mind length, colors, and textures of your tail.
4) Open your eyes and chant this spell:

Spirits and deities of the waters, hear my plea
I wish to lose my ties with land and be free
If I am wearing this (jewelry) around my (neck/wrist)
And it gets completely wet
Whether with water from the river or my own body sweat
I shall turn into a mer, a child of the water
A son of the sea or ocean?s daughter
My legs shall stitch together into a lovely tail
My scales shall be (color) and my fins shall be (color)
I shall be able to breathe both water and air
With lungs in my chest and gills on my neck
My power shall be (1 power)
All this shall come true in (time) time
This is what I wish, so please mote it be

4) Dip your jewelry in the bowl and then drink the water from the bowl.
5) Make sure to wear your jewelry every time you touch water.
6) Say these words every night until you get your tail:

Please grant me the tail and power that I wish for, so mote it be.

This spell is designed so that when you wear the bracelet and it touches water, you will become a mer. This is my first spell and its untested. Message me whether it works or not and what the side effects are.


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