Mermaid spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Pitch black bathroom and bathtub
  • Salt and extra water
  • Something to poke your finger with
  • Full moon and night time
  • Couple drops of your blood
  • Medium or large seashell
  • Symbol (ANY jewelry will work)
  • Item to represent your power(s) (for example, goo for gelekenisis, water for molding water, trapped steam for heat, ice for freezing, etc- there are MANY powers to choose from!!)

This is a new mermaid spell I wrote. I am going to try this on myself as I wish to become a mermaid eventually. It works in one to two weeks. Your tail will be any color depending on your personality, you don't get to choose. Your power, you get to choose however:) this spell must be done on a full moon in a bathtub, in pitch black bathroom with a candle burning!! If you don't believe this spell can work, you are wasting your time;) MUST BELIEVE FOR ACCURATE RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!!

Casting Instructions for 'Mermaid spell'

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First you will need to wait until the full moon rises at night, then undress and be soak in the bathtub, in pitch black with a candle burning! Then you will need to fill a glass with water from the tub and add salt to it. Use something to poke your finger, and carefully add a couple drops of your blood into the glass of salt water. Carefully place the seashell inside the glass. Say these words:
Ra, Ev, De, So, Mo, Ka, Te
Take a deep breath, and drink a small amount of the mixture. Then set it aside. Put on your symbol and begin to focus on your desired power(s) (yes, you can wish for more than one power, but it's a risk, because the gods and goddesses of the sea may believe you are selfish). Once you are positive of the power you want, open your eyes, and take your item that represents it, and hold it in your hands to your heart. Then say this spell:
Deep blue sea, grant upon me
A tail when wet, two legs when dry
Please Poseidon hear my plea
For this is what I wish to be
A mermaid when water hits me
A human when water leaves me
Water gods and water Kings
Make this wish upon me in seven days
When I touch water I will grow a tail
So mote it be!

Leave your potion in the tub, don't drain the water. Blow out the candle and exit. Side affects vary, they are similar to the moonstruck mermaids side affects. Your tail should come in a week.


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