become a mermaid (hard to do)

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Waning Crescent Moon
Waning Crescent
11% Full
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • full moon
  • large body of water
  • courage
  • faith

this is quite complex so do at your own risk!!

Casting Instructions for 'become a mermaid (hard to do)'

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It's a complicated process, but I will attempt to explain it to you anyway.
There's only a couple times per month, in which this will work, not to mention you need to be near a large body of water.
So, on a night with a full moon (mermaids draw the majority of their power from the moon) you have to go outside to the large body of water. Now, against popular belief, there are such things as salt water mermaids AND fresh water mermaids, and the type of water you transform in will determine which type of mermaid you become (ocean=salt water mermaid; pool or lake=freshwater mermaid). Even though most people would say salt water mermaids have more fun, I would say that decision is up to you. Yes, it is true that salt water mermaids do have much more water they can be in and there are possibly up to 75% more salt water mermaids than fresh water, though this can never actually be proven, it is believed that fresh water mermaids have more power and have an even more complex/futureistic society than saltwater mermaids do. This is probably the hardest decision of it all, deciding whether to be a salt water or fresh water mermaid, because once you transform there is no way that we currently know of, that can change you to the other type.Once you have made this decision, you must go outside(in any clothes) to the area which you will transform, exactly one hour before the height of the full moon (this changes from time to time and can be found out on a a site such as There are rumors that if the night has stars that's a sign that your transformation will go great, but on the otherhand if it is a dark night, then the transformation could fail or even have horrible side effects. Once you're outside, you must lay down on your back by the edge of the water, but you must'nt ever let the water touch your flesh, or else your chakras will block and can possibly cause you to never be able to take in the full transformation. When you're on your back, look up at the sky and get lost in it's vast infinity. You must continue laying there until the moonlight hits you perfectly. This is the hardest step of the physical transformation, because if the spot you chose to lay down on, doesn't allow the moonlight to hit you perfectly than you have to return home and wait for the next full moon to try agan. *Note: You CANNOT move from the spot you chose first or else you have just wasted your time continuing with the rest of the process.* If the moon hits you, you have been accepted into the Rights of Mermaids. Be Patient! This could take up to an hour for the moonlight you hit you, but after it has you must must must work quickly, because you only have about three minutes before the height of the full moon.
After the moonlight has hit you, you need to stand up and stand there. This is when it gets technical: Take 3 deep breaths, say something and take one step(each breath/word/step representing one minute), after the first breath say "Jedan", and take one step(doesnt matter which foot) after the second breath say "Dva" and take another step, and after the third breath say "Drvo" and take your last step. By this tiime you should feel the water rushing up against your flesh, if you don't, you can't continue on and you have to return home and wait for the next full moon. Even though this will probably only take less than thirty seconds in reality, because you have entered the mermaid transformation, the relationship between time and space has altered and even though your mind says this took less than thirty seconds, it has really took 2 and 1/2 minutes. Now is the most crucial step in the transformation, in the next thirty seconds you must continue walking deeper and deeper into the water, using the same process as above(breath, word, step) but this time you will repeat "i pokazati mi puet sirena" (because this language is ancient, and we don't know nearly enough about mermaid language, we do know sirena means mermaid and mi puet probably can be translated into English as the way, so this means something about the way of the mermaid). So than continue this breath, chant, step process until all but your head is submerged in the water, remember you have to go from feet in water to all but head in water in only thirty seconds(this is why the mermaid race is so strong, because only the best and most willing are able to make it through this whole process) after everything but your head is submerged in water, the moon should be at its height and fullest. nows when the realllll transformation occurs, the light should get stronger and there will be a beam surrounding you. The water will begin to bubble and sparkles, from now on don't fight against anything the water does. From now on, no one knows for sure what happens, but this is what has been observed and is commonly accepted, your legs will probably tingle and a brght flash of colored light will blind anyone watching. there has only been one case of observin



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