Shifting Method (Vampire, WereWolfs, Mermaids, ect)

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This is not a spell but a method in making in something you are not.

Casting Instructions for 'Shifting Method (Vampire, WereWolfs, Mermaids, ect)'

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Shifting Method

This method is divided into three parts.
- Fantasy Shifting
- Mind Shifting
- Physical Shifting

Yes right Fantasy Shifting, Mind Shifting,
and the final Physical Shifting.
This was my person writing and personal research,
I used to use these methods in this order,
many other people use it different but I use it like this.

So first to start doing this I would recommend you
to have a very experience in meditation and relaxation,
so if you are not yet able to have this requirements
and not able to answer, you will never be able have sucess.

Do you know how to astral project ?
Do you have always lucid dreams ?
Do you meditate, atleast once at day ?
When You meditate, do you feel no hassle ?

Ok these are some things you should answer yes,
for the M-Shifting and for the P-Shifting.

Now the Fantasy Shifting is that you will need to
like draw your (what you want to become)
so be creative. Not only a draw, but even
writing a script of your full character.
And second, every day, if you have a mirror,
stick a paper and write ''I Want To Become (Who you want)''
and read it every morning, after lunch, and before sleep.
Also it's asked to do all these kind of stuff..
you should do how you would like and feel to.
You will need to do this always until you've completed
the Physical Shifting.

Now let's go with the Mind Shifting,
the Mind Shifting is like a type of guided meditation.
So if you did astral project with meditation,
you should know what I'm talking about.
You will need to create it by your own,
so the full meditation may need to be atleast 50 minutes..
even longer, You need to add the binatural beats if you
don't know how to make it, download an instrumental on youtube.
And add your recorded voice, you will need to talk about
like saying ''relax your whole body and imagine a white light,
that filters from your nostrils, each breath, will bring
the white light inside you, now imagine the white light
getting into your whole body feel the touch, into your head,
your arms, your hands, your legs, your feets, your eyes
that you will feel them heavy, ect'' Understand ?
for like 10/20 minutes you will need to do the relax
part, and next step you need to let your body fallasleep
but keep yourself awake. Then count from 10 til 1 and after
you can start with describing your (wanna be) shifting.

Physical Shifting

The Physical Shifting is when you will learn how to shift
from the Mind Shifting. So good luck, do this and good luck !


This article was contributed by LordSullen

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