wing meditation 100% real

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • belief
  • concentraition
  • magick
  • meditation

fly through the clouds and touch a rainbow with your new wings

Casting Instructions for 'wing meditation 100% real'

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sit in a quiet room and face which ever way you want. Get comfortable for this will take 1 hour but it is worth it. Close your eyes and take in deep breaths 3 to 5 times, Imagine you are outside in your garden with the wind blowing and you are beginning to grow your wings. Imagine your shoulder blades become your wing bones and the poke through the skin with 1 single feather, then more feather add on (make sure it is the colour you want your wings to be (or scales or what ever type of wings you want them to be.) do this fifteen times but slowly so it all take up an hour and make sure no one will bother you. Wait another hour for your wings to grow but if they don't grow then wait at least 2 days.

Side affects:
Back aches
Skin will split
nausea from feeling light.
may hover of the ground when wings grow

If works mail me on the site.
It worked for me and my friends so hope you enjoy.

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