Hatch a Baby Dragon

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Large rock (a few inches smaller than a football)
  • Tall bucket or container
  • A strand of your hair
  • Know which direction is North
  • Element object
  • Four containers (one larger than the others)
  • A drop of hot water
  • Your favorite organic scent (in essence form works best because it is a liquid)
  • Several blankets

This is a spell to hatch a baby dragon. You do not need a dragon egg for this spell.
*testing in progress*

Casting Instructions for 'Hatch a Baby Dragon'

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1. Put the strand of of the small containers

2. Do the same to the hot water drop (it's okay if it object. , the element object (see listings below) and the scent. MAKE SURE THEY ARE ALL IN DIFFERENT CONTAINERS!

3. Mix all three ingredients together in the large container.

4. Move the container around so that the water drop passes over your hair, the scent piece/drop, and the element object.

5. Lay the rock on one of the bottom corners of your bed.

6. Say the spell. (See below)

7. Pour the drop of water on the top of the rock.Wait for at least 30 seconds. If the drop falls off before 30 seconds have passed, the spell didn't work. If the drop falls off after the 30 second mark, it worked. The water should not longer smell like your favorite scent.

8. Read the rock like a clock, with 12 o'clock to the North. The water line is the time your egg should be exposed to the air again. It doesn't matter how many days or hours, or even weeks pass, as long as it is exposed at EXACTLY that hour.

9. Put one of the blankets on the bottom of your container, then shape it like a nest. Make sure the bottom of the container is not visible.

10. Place the rock in the nest, and cover it with blankets. Then, take off the shirt you are wearing and place it over the top.

11. Go do something that makes you happy. ONLY DO THIS ONCE IN THE TEN MINUTES AFTER THE ROCK IS PUT AWAY

12. Go do something for someone else right after.

13. Wait until the time on the rock, and remove it. If there is not water streak left on it, the spell probably worked. If you can still see the water, put the rock back and wait until the next time the hour changes to the time on the rock.


As good as the light
As impenetrable as the dark
It is by magic that I make this rock a spark
Of life, of love, of magic

Element Objects-

Something charred: fire
Ice: ice
Cold water drop: water
Small rock: mineral
Dirt: earth
Any crystal: crystal
A small, magnetic star or moon: random element


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