Become a Dragon Shifter

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Paper
  • -Match or lighter (whichever one you feel most comfortable using)
  • -Alone

This will make you be able to shift into a dragon of all elements. You will be able to shift from human to dragon, dragon to human at your very own will. You can also get your wings in human form!

Casting Instructions for 'Become a Dragon Shifter'

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Step 1: Get the pen and right down how big you want to be and what you want to look like along the top of the paper.
Step 2: At the bottom left corner of the paper draw a WICCAN Pentagram, it can't be an original pentagram it has to be a Wiccan Pentagram.
Step 3: Then get the string or anything tie-able and roll the paper, tie it and then light it with the match or lighter, then say the spell one time.
SPELL: Beings of Earth, Fire, Water and Air, bless my spirit and give me wings like no other, give me breath of fire and scales of plenary. Let me be a dragon shifter.
Step 4: Over the next week you will feel gradual changes in height and strength. On the seventh day from when you did the spell go to a field or anyway with as much space as that (it depends on how big you wrote you wanted to be) and then wait for your first transformation. Your first transformation will be painful (again depends on the size you chose. Example: Big dragon=More pain, Medium dragon=Normal amount of pain and Small dragon=Less pain.


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