Blood Dragon Charm

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • - Preferably night time or a dark room but any time is fine.
  • - 1 black candle (to break any barriers that stop you from receiving good luck.)
  • - Matches (No lighters)
  • - An item to charm (ring, necklace etc.)
  • - A sharp object to pierce your finger (pin, knife, etc.)
  • - 1-3 drops of your blood
  • - A want and desire for good luck.
  • - (optional) Protective circle to prevent backfire.

This will give you luck and is a more advanced version of the Dragon Charm. This is blood magic, and will demand that you recieve good luck and lots of it. Spell will last a day - 3 days

Casting Instructions for 'Blood Dragon Charm'

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- Grab the pin or whatever you are using to pierce your finger.
- Once your finger is bleeding, grab your black candle and pinch the wick of the candle to cover and douse it with your blood.
- Set up the candle on the ground, table or altar. Anything will do.
- Place the item you want to charm inbetween you and the candle.
- Light the candle with the matches.
- Now recite the following; Dragon of light i call upon you, turn this (whatever you want to charm) into a charm of good luck. Never shall my spells fail.
- Then grab your item, and brush it through the flame of the black candle while reciting the following:
This ordinary charm is now a good luck charm so mote it be.
- Now put on your charm straight after saying the last step and feel the rush of energy flow through you. If you don't feel any energy flow through you, your want for this to work is not very high.
- Snuff out the candle by pinching the flame. Recommended to put some saliva on your fingers so you dont burn yourself.


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